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Eric H Smith are specialists in all types of criminal law. If you have been arrested, a victim of criminal injury or received a speeding notice, call us today on 01204 221111.

If you have been arrested or have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution then talk to Eric H Smith first. We have qualified solicitors who are skilled and experienced in all areas of criminal law. Many people choose to represent themselves and then find they lose as they lack the necessary skills which only an experienced professional will possess. If you are being prosecuted for a serious offence you could potentially be sent to prison if your evidence is not presented properly.

If you have been arrested we provide free 24 hour police station representation and you should never let a police officer interview you without a solicitor from Eric H Smith being present as it will increase your chances of avoiding a conviction.

Criminal cases are dealt with at Magistrates Court and some cases appear at Crown Court or a Youth Court. If you’re being convicted of a driving offence then speak with Eric H Smith first and we can help with all types of intended prosecutions such as careless or dangerous driving, drunk and drug driving, failing to provide a sample, driving ban or penalty points. Often there may be grounds for no driving bank or to reduce the penalty points.

We are experts in all types of appeals against a criminal conviction and all appeals must be lodged within 21 days of sentencing so speak to us as soon as you are sentenced.


You don’t need to be a seasoned criminal in order to require a criminal defence lawyer. Indeed, many law abiding citizens may find themselves needing this specialist service as many seemingly every day misdemeanours fall under the scope of criminal law. Achieving 12 points on your licence or driving without insurance will generally classify you as having committed a criminal offence much like other breaches of road traffic laws. If you find yourself in this position, it is highly advisable to get a good solicitor. Some people rather mistakenly choose to represent themselves in court and it usually doesn’t go well at all as criminal defence requires a specific type of skill not usually present in a novice. If the crime is serious, you could potentially risk going to prison if all the evidence is not collected and presented in the correct manner.

Eric H Smith can solve this problem. We are one of the leading practices in Criminal Law in the UK with a mission to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. We have a solid team consisting of various specialists with in depth and detailed knowledge in the key areas enabling us to deliver a service which is second to none. With a wealth of experience we understand the value of keeping a positive attitude from the very beginning. We facilitate this by maintaining a 24 hour, 365 days a year advice and assistance service to potential as well as existing clients.

No matter what crime you may have committed or been accused of, our team of specialists have all the necessary skills and knowledge in order to effect a solid defence. We have professionals who cover the areas listed below:

  • Theft/Burglary/Robbery
  • Sexual Offences
  • Violence Offences (Assault/ABH/GBH)
  • Public Order Offences (Section 4 & 5 / Violent Disorder/Affray)
  • Kidnap/Blackmail
  • Road Traffic Offences
  • Benefit Fraud

If you have been arrested, we will provide you with free representation whilst you are detained at the police station. Subsequent assistance can then be provided via an application for legal aid or your own ability to pay. Call us today on 01204 221111 without delay.


If you ever get arrested by the police, call our specialist police station solicitors for immediate advice and assistance.

Representation at the police station will be provided free of charge.

Our experienced team will deal with your case with professionalism, sensitivity and efficiency.

NEVER let the police interview you without advice and assistance from Eric H Smith. Having a solicitor present increases your chances of avoiding a criminal conviction.

We have a dedicated police station solicitor available 24 hours a day on 01204 221111.


If you find yourself being charged with a criminal offence, this will almost certainly involve you appearing in court at some point. There are three main criminal courts that will initially deal with your case. These are the Magistrate?s Court, Crown Court and Youth Court.

Most people at this stage are not sure how to find a lawyer who will act as their criminal lawyer in any ensuing criminal case.

We cover a number of matters at the Magistrates?, they include:

  • First Appearances at Court
  • Bail applications
  • Trials
  • Sentencing
  • Committals to the Crown Court
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs)

We carry the capability and knowledge necessary to deal with a wide range of offences such as:

  • Theft
  • Possession of drugs
  • Assault
  • Breaches of Court Orders
  • Driving Offences
  • Public Order offences
  • Harassment

We offer a dedicated, skilled and experienced service to all of our clients and we can help you through each stage of the Magistrates? Court process.

If you require representation, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to one ofour legal representatives.


Eric H Smith has a dedicated Crown Court department to guarantee a quality service to its clients. This includes clients who are in custody and on bail. The team is comprised of solicitors and caseworkers experienced in dealing with a varied range of cases including:

  • Aggravated burglary
  • Arson
  • Armed robbery
  • Child cruelty
  • Conspiracies
  • Dangerous driving
  • Drugs Offences (possession/supply/cultivation/production)
  • Distributing counterfeit DVDs Fraud
  • False imprisonment
  • Firearm Offences
  • Fraud (including identity fraud)
  • Gang crime
  • Violent Disorder
  • Kidnapping
  • Serious assaults (occasioning actual/grievous bodily harm)
  • Sexual Offences (rape, sexual assault, indecent assault, internet grooming)
  • Money Laundering
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder/Attempted murder
  • Violent Disorder

We work in conjunction with only the best barristers in the country, selected on their merits and success rate.

Members of staff within our Crown Court department have the knowledge and experience to manage a wide variety of cases; they include mental health issues connected with crime including fitness to plead, fitness to stand trial and diminished responsibility.

The department is supported by a strong team of in-house advocates and barristers from various chambers who are always available for advice and representation at the Crown Court.

Here at Eric H Smith we go that little bit further to secure a good result. Our criminal solicitors have successfully defended numerous trials at various criminal courts, together with other cases involving serious violence, drugs and gang related offences.

We also have specialist expertise and experience in dealing with racially / religiously aggravated crimes and regulatory crimes.


If you’re under 18 and have been arrested or proceedings have been brought against you, then you’ve come to the right place.

At Eric H Smith we have a team devoted to dealing with an array of youth crime proceedings. We have numerous years of experience in dealing with the following youth proceedings:

  • Youth trials
  • Police station interviews
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs)
  • Persistent Young Offenders
  • Sentencing in the Youth Court

Our highly skilled youth crime solicitors acknowledge the diverse levels of care and attention required to deal with youths within the criminal justice system. Our dedicated solicitors are here to support not only them but also their families, carers and guardians throughout the whole trial. We also have contacts with many local organisations who can provide further support and advice on the consequences of any conviction.

We have many years of experience in dealing with customary youth offences such as:

  • Handling Stolen Goods
  • Robbery
  • Possession of Class C Drugs
  • Theft
  • Public Order Offences

We are fortunate to have a group of devoted members of staff who take great pride in working with members of the youth community in cities such as Bolton. If you require representation or advice please call on 01204 221111.

If you have been injured by a car and it wasn’t your fault then Eric H Smith should be your next call. We have a team of experts in this field to assist you in your claim. Our consultation is free and we will provide you with a no win no fee service.


Eric H Smith have established an exceptional reputation for defending serious and complex cases by achieving extremely high success rates. We are one of the most respected and trusted criminal law firms in the UK.

We appreciate that serious crime often encompasses significant volumes of evidence, defendants, witnesses and a vast array of technical data.

Our highly qualified solicitors have extensive knowledge of legislation relating to serious crimes and have a thorough understanding of technical evidence.

All too frequently, the Crown Prosecution Service will rely on electronic media, such as video and audio surveillance and mobile phones as well as forensic analysis as vital evidence to back up a case. Liaising with experts from various technological fields allows Eric H Smith to attain the best outcomes for their clients.

We have legal experts with extensive experience capable of defending any criminal case. Our solicitors will endeavour to discover any avenue with the potential to expose aspects of evidence which could possibly secure an acquittal.

Our highly qualified solicitors have defended numerous clients over the years, clients who were accused of a wide variety of offences such as:

  • Murder charges
  • Drug possession
  • Firearm offences
  • Rape (including marital rape)
  • Aggravated burglary
  • Death by reckless driving
  • Accidental death.

There is no limit as to the scope and nature of crimes that we will defend against. If you are facing any form of criminal allegations of serious criminal or fraudulent conduct, you need first rate legal representation by your side. This is what we at Eric H Smith aim to provide. We will be with you every step of the way from the police station to the Crown Court or Court of Appeal. We will ensure that your case is matched to an appropriate barrister who is a specialist in your particular case.

Of course you may have actually been a victim of a serious crime such as false imprisonment or wrongful arrest. As such we have professionals who are ready to listen and advise you accordingly as to your options in pursuing a case against the perpetrators.

We can advise you on the right channels to access criminal legal aid if you are eligible as well as providing reasonable fee rates where legal aid is not an option. Whilst no one can ever guarantee an acquittal for a serious crime, we can ensure that you will be given the best possible chances available. So contact Eric H Smith on 01204 221111. We look forward to hearing from you.


Anyone convicted of a crime in a UK court generally has a right to appeal. Convictions resulting from a trial in the Magistrate or Crown Courts are usually heard in higher courts such as The Court of Criminal Appeal, the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) or High Court. Eric H Smith have been advising clients on appeals against sentence and conviction for many years. It doesn’t matter whether it was us who originally represented you or another firm of solicitors, as we can still provide you with an expert examination of the merits of your appeal case.

Solicitors here at Eric H Smith have founded a reputation for their skills and expertise in utilising methodical approaches to study individual cases and detect miscarriages of justice. We will potentially introduce additional and new evidence to strengthen your case, allowing you to successfully lodge an appeal. Normally if there is new evidence or if something went wrong at the trial, such as improper court procedures, then your appeal is likely to be granted.

We recognise that being wrongly convicted can be a very traumatic and stressful affair. Having a criminal record or facing the prospect of a number of years in prison can be devastating. Our solicitors have taken many cases to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) in circumstances where appeals have been preliminary refused.

You can only appeal against a conviction and sentence if you originally pleaded not guilty, whereas if you pleaded guilty, you can only appeal against your sentence.

We are happy to assist clients who are entitled to legal aid and will assist you with your application. If your application is rejected, we can still assist you but regrettably only on a private basis. We do however have some of the lowest private rates in the UK and if you feel you will struggle to pay our fees, we will be more than happy to arrange a fixed fee.

Please contact us today and one of our solicitors will be able to discuss your funding arrangements with you and will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have.


Dangerous driving is a statutory offence in the UK. It is also one of the most serious road traffic offences and as such will sometimes attract a custodial sentence. If you have been convicted of dangerous driving, there is a high chance you could end up serving a prison sentence. Eric H Smith understand this and will be ready to provide a first class defence utilising all the resources at their disposal.

Careless driving although a serious offence is not considered as serious as dangerous driving. In fact, motorists appealing a dangerous driving conviction would generally hope to get it reduced to one of careless driving. Examples of careless driving would include such things as driving too close to the vehicle in front, overtaking on the inside lane or merely being distracted. The offence is dealt with by virtue of Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act and usually will only attract penalty points or a fine.

Dangerous driving is an offence by virtue of Section 2 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. It is defined as driving in manner which falls below the standard of a careful and competent driver and that it is obvious to a careful and competent driver that driving in such a manner would be dangerous.

In interpreting the Act, it will also follow that you would be guilty of dangerous driving if you drive a vehicle which is in a dangerous state.

The sentencing for a conviction of dangerous is driving is notoriously severe. There is usually a disqualification from driving for a minimum of 12 months. You could also be facing heavy fines or community service. As already mentioned, you could very possibly face a prison sentence. You can expect a prison sentence if you have caused death by dangerous driving or there were other serious contributory factors such as alcohol or drug abuse, a police pursuit, disregard for pedestrians, driving whilst already disqualified or excessive speed. Courts will take a particularly dim view of drink driving.

Eric H Smith have many years of experience in dealing with cases involved in dangerous driving. A strong and thorough exanimation of your case will allow for our solicitors to formulate a good defence. We have all the necessary skills in order to highlight mitigation arguments and identify exceptional hardship cases.

Courts will sometimes take factors into consideration such as previous driving record, your character as well as how a ban would affect your life such as your career and family life.

You can call Eric H Smith on 01204 221111 for a preliminary discussion of your case and we will endeavour to make sure you get the lowest sentence possible.


Should you have received a summons for drinking and driving, please get in touch with our team of experts who can provide you with free legal advice.

Eric H Smith are experts in all kinds of driving offences, we can help defend you and advice you in regards to your drink driving charges. Should a defence exist, we will advise you how best to proceed so that you can get the best possible result.

Even if you feel that you are quality of drink driving, there is defence available which you are unaware of. We at Eric H Smith will listen and advise you on your best interest.

It can be very stressful when you receive a summons, why not give Eric H Smith a call and talk it through.


Failure to provide a breath sample when required to do so by the police is a very serious offence. It is in fact treated by the courts with the same severity as drink driving. Police can request that you provide a further sample of either blood or urine if they suspect that you were driving or attempting to drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They will also request these samples if you have caused death by dangerous or reckless driving. This offence is covered under s7 (6) and s7A of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Unless a person can show that they had a reasonable excuse for failing to provide a specimen, then they will be looking at a 12 month disqualification and a fine of up to £5000.

A reasonable defence could be a medical condition such as anxiety or stress or a respiratory condition. A fear of needles may also be considered as a reasonable excuse where a blood sample has been requested.

If you find yourself in this position, it’s essential that you contact a specialist solicitor who will be able to guide you through your options and advise you on the best courses of action. Eric H Smith can provide you with some of the best solicitors in the business.

Of course due to the nature of drink/drug driving offences, a specific type of technical expertise is required. We have professional relationships with experts in the medical profession who will provide us with the necessary medical reports as well as appearing in court to act as witnesses for our clients. We will use the evidence to corroborate any health justifications for failing to provide a sample.

We will also investigate any procedural affects which may have constituted to a failed sample such as a faulty or inoperative breath analysis device. A technology expert will then be called to inspect the device and ascertain whether the police officer wrongly recorded a failure to provide a specimen.

Another safety net in law would come if the police officer failed to give a warning that a failure to provide a sample may result in a prosecution. If this warning was not given, then it would not be illegal to refuse a specimen.

Eric H Smith will be able to discuss these options with you on 01204 221111.


Are you about to lose your licence? We can help you keep it. Our solicitors have many years of experience dealing with driving offences.

We promise that we will offer an excellent service as we have numerous years of experience in dealing with driving offences. Many motorists are unaware that numerous defences do indeed exist. It is our job to meticulously implement such defences on your behalf. Even in situations where evidence to support your case is limited, we make certain that you receive the most moderate sentence possible if you choose to enter a guilty plea.

Most people panic when they have been stopped by the police. You might have been driving a little faster than you should have or had one extra glass of wine at your dinner party. No matter how serious the offence, Eric H Smith solicitors can advise you on the best plan of action that is needed.

A driving offence is the nearest many of us will get to a criminal conviction. Of course this is nothing to proud of but it highlights just how easy it is for normally sensible individuals to be grabbed by the long arm of the law.

Eric H Smith has some of the best criminal defence lawyers in the UK. If you are facing a conviction for a motoring offence then contact us today. We will provide you with expert service and assistance. This will be advice which will ensure you have the best chances when the case goes to court.

It is our job to interrogate all the evidence in fine detail in order to find mitigating facts which will help your case. Whilst we cannot guarantee that a conviction will be avoided, we are confident that in most cases we can reduce the severity of any conviction given.

We can help you appeal convictions where irregularities have occurred in the original case and take a wholly different approach to your original solicitor.

Many people do not realise the implications of a motoring conviction until it’s too late. The ramifications can often be long lasting. We at Eric H Smith aim to protect you from this predicament. Call us today on 01204 221111.


The penalty points system was introduced in order to provide the courts with another way of punishing motorists for driving offences other than a fine or ban. The totting up system means that if you accumulate 12 points within the space of 3 years, you will lose your licence regardless. This will mean a standard ban of 6 months. Penalty points are also an effective way of preventing driving breaches since insurance premiums will rise accordingly after 3 points on your licence.

Penalty Points can be added to your driving licence as a result of a variety of driving offences. The penalty points vary according to the seriousness of the driving offence. Examples include:

  • Failing to stop after an accident: 5-10 penalty points (or discretionary disqualification)
  • Failing to report an accident: 5-10 penalty points (or discretionary disqualification)
  • Careless Driving: 3-9 penalty points (or discretionary disqualification)
  • Defective vehicle: 3 penalty points
  • Insurance offence: 6-8 penalty points
  • Speeding: 3-6 penalty points (or discretionary disqualification)
  • Using a mobile phone: 3 penalty points
  • Drunk in charge of a vehicle: 10 points (disqualification likely instead of points if high level of alcohol in breath)
  • Failing to Furnish Information: 6 penalty points (or discretionary disqualification)

There are five levels of fines applicable to offences tried in a Magistrates Court, which are as follows:

  • Level 1: up to £200 fine
  • Level 2: up to £500 fine
  • Level 3: up to £1000 fine
  • Level 4: up to £2500 fine
  • Level 5: up to £5000 fine

All driving licence penalty points have specific codes assigned to them and if you receive an endorsement, the points will remain on your licence for 4 years in most cases. However in instances involving drink driving, the points could remain on your licence for up to 11 years. Having points on your licence for serious offences will hinder your ability to get affordable insurance or hire a rental car.

The best way to discuss and consider any defence of your case is to contact us and speak to our driving offence defence specialists. Eric H Smith will be able to provide you with expert advice which just might be able to keep you on the road. Call us today on 01204 221111.


Should you acquire 12 points under the totting up provision within a 3 year period, you can be banned from driving for a minimum of 6 months.

If you face possible driving ban under the above “totting up” provisions then we may be able to help you to keep your driving licence by proving to the courts that you would suffer from “exceptional hardship”.

Why not give Eric H Smith a call, that we can advise you whether or not you would suffer exceptional hardship.

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