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At Eric H Smith our wills and probate solicitors are here to help you plan for the future. Our experienced team are on hand to provide you with specialist advice relating to Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate and Trusts.

We are committed to providing a professional and personal service to meet your individual needs, ensuring that you always receive the best service.


Eric H Smith have specialist solicitors for will and probate matters. It is important to make sure that your loved ones benefit from the possessions you have accumulated over your lifetime.

A will is an important legal document which documents how you want your assets to be distributed among your beneficiaries. If you leave no will the matter is dealt with by the government which is both time consuming and complex and the outcome may not please all those left behind.

It may be possible to draft a will at low costs but you should think about the quality you will get. It is also important that the document is available to the beneficiaries when you pass away and there are many horror stories of wills drawn up but which cannot be found. By using Eric H Smith you make sure that the will is immediately available to the executor of your will.

Often a will leaves to disagreements and infighting between the beneficiaries and some aspects of a will can be contested.

You may also need to draft a (lasting) power of attorney so that another person can deal with all your affairs. This is commonly done when you are no longer capable of carrying out these duties. The person can then act as you were carrying out the matters concerned.

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A power of attorney or lasting power of attorney (LPA) as it is generally known, is written authorisation by a person (the grantor) allowing an individual (the attorney) to deal with all aspect of the grantor’s affairs. These can involve many aspects including financial, affairs, property arrangements and personal welfare. There are many reasons why someone would chose to elect a power of attorney and these might include illness, incarceration or early signs of dementia.

LPA’s tend to have more scope than the ordinary power of attorney (PoA) as the latter will only give authority to deal with property and finances.

The LPA legislation came into force on 1st October 2007, replacing the rules for the Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA). Existing EPAs remain valid, but only LPAs can be made from that date forward. A grantor can elect to have one or both types of the two LPA’s available. LPA Property & Affairs (LPA-PA) dealing with financial matters such as your house, bank account, and savings. LPA Personal Welfare (LPA-PW) dealing with healthcare and other medical matters.

The person (or people) you appoint as attorney are obliged to act in your best interests; in fact they can make decisions as if they were you. This of course does not mean that you lose ownership of your assets and the attorney cannot use your assets for their own personal gain. Furthermore, you can place restrictions on your chosen attorney(s) within the document if you feel that would be appropriate in your circumstances. Eric H Smith can advise you on how to put in place a limited power of attorney.

An LPA has to be registered with the Office of The Public Guardian before your appointed attorney is allowed to act on your behalf. In the meantime, you can arrange for your solicitor to act on your behalf until registration is complete.

Anyone of our qualified professionals at Eric H Smith will be able to assist you during this time. Most people want to be in control of every aspect of their lives but unfortunately things don’t always work out the way we planned.

Take control of the future by calling us now. We are always happy to discuss your initial requirements by telephone, and answer any questions you may have.

We are committed to delivering the kind of service we would only expect ourselves. Our goal is to provide a high quality, confidential service, in a friendly manner at a reasonable price.

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